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Help Hamilton understand the community’s broadband needs

Help Hamilton understand the community’s broadband needs

The City of Hamilton wants to hear from residents and businesses about their access to Broadband. Recognizing that internet connectivity is essential for many residents, businesses and institutions there is a need to ensure that reliable broadband is available everywhere in the community. Modern infrastructure availability is critical for our digital future and there are areas within our city that have no connectivity options and many who may not have access to reliable high-speed broadband access.

The City is working with the Regional and Rural Broadband (R2B2) Project at the University of Guelph to study the economic benefits of broadband investment across our communities. Economic Development, Hamilton is collecting information about how all residents, rural, home-based business, farms, and businesses currently use the internet. The public is asked to complete the survey to help better understand residents’ and businesses’ experience with internet connectivity within Hamilton.

Investment in broadband and high-speed connectivity is essential. COVID-19 has further demonstrated the essential nature of connectivity as digital channels of communication have also become more common including news, media, entertainment, e-learning, telecommuting/working from home and telemedicine etc. Those within Hamilton that do not have access to or options for reliable high-speed internet contribute to being part of the digital divide and by better understanding current coverage this study/project will be able to better outline the economic benefits of broadband investment across our communities.

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