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Health officials, Doug: Get your act together on COVID testing

Health officials, Doug: Get your act together on COVID testing

No wonder the number of COVID-19 tests is down to about half of the province’s reported testing capacity. The messaging we have received from our health and political leaders has been absolutely chaotic. This was acknowledged by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams last Friday. Yet two days after Dr. Williams admitted messaging has been a problem we have the Premier going on TV telling everybody who wants a test can get a test—you don’t need a doctor’s referral. “Bring the family, so they can get tested too,” the Premier said. Leaving the clear impression that all you have to do is show up. But then yesterday in Hamilton our Health officials say, well…not so fast…you still need an appointment which means telephone queue, and you probably shouldn’t come in unless you are in a high risk situation…blah blah blah…” Same thing with Toronto’s MOH. There appears to be some passive-aggressiveness at play here. Get it together folks or the public will start to tune you out if they haven’t begun to do so already.

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