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Hamilton’s Nick Cordero had a difficult night

As Nick Cordero continues to fight for his life following his coronavirus diagnosis, his wife, Amanda Kloots, got candid with her followers on Instagram. The dancer and trainer has been a positive force throughout Cordero’s fight, updating fans and starting a movement to get them to play his song, “Live Your Life,” every day in an effort to spread love and encourage him to wake up from his coma.

On Tuesday, Kloots noted that Cordero “had a little bit of a rocky night,” revealing that his oxygen levels temporarily dropped, and though the medical team was able to get him back to a stable place, he still hasn’t woken up from his coma. 

The 41-year-old Broadway actor has been placed in a medically-induced coma and dealt with several setbacks, including having his leg amputated as a result of his coronavirus struggles. Though he’s supposed to wake up any day now, Kloots admitted in another Instagram video that she’s struggling to stay positive as she continues to care for their 10-month-old son, Elvis, and support Cordero from afar since she’s not allowed inside the hospital.

“I’ve had a little bit of a frustrating day, I’m going to be honest,” Kloots said. “I’m just a little frustrated and sad.”

The performer added that she’s found comfort in the people around the world showing their support for Cordero by singing and dancing to his song each day.

“Singing with you guys every day at 3 p.m. really helps me on days like this where I just kind of feel helpless and lost and sad,” she continued. “I think that it’s just hard this waiting game that we’re in at the moment, it’s tough, but I’m not giving up hope or faith.”

She added that her dad reminded her that each day with Cordero is a “miracle.”

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