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Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market Hours are a Potluck

Hamilton Farmer's Market

When did the memo go out that visitation to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market was by appointment or by chance? At least that’s what it seemed like to me when I dropped in to the market on Tuesday this week.

   It appeared at least 40 percent of the vendors were closed. Counters were draped in cloth, shelves empty-and one with a sign saying “See You Saturday.”

  Posted hours for the market are 9 am to 4 pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 

Empty shelves at Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market

  I went to buy local rhubarb, but the two biggest, local vendors were closed. I feel sorry for the stall holders that adhere to the posted hours.

  The market is in a constant state of turmoil. All parties-the city, vendors are at war. The latest consultant’s report which I believe recommended paying for another consultant’s report, stated what any market observer would have told the city for FREE. The 2010 renovation of the market was a disaster-delivering a soulless, poorly lit, badly designed dungeon.

  Still people kept going to the market, until Nations Fresh sucked away customers, Covid dimmed the lights, and now a hurting section of York Boulevard frames the market in empty sidewalks, litter, and close by encampments that discourage some from visiting.

Empty sidewalk across from Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market

   Those irregular hours now have a particular sting for those who want to support the market.

  What will happen when the renovations to First Ontario Centre, start and the demolition of Hamilton City Centre begins? Will customers hike through the rubble to visit a market clearly in distress? I guess we’ll have to wait for a consultants report to tell us what we already know.

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