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Hamilton to green its vehicle fleet

Hamilton to green its vehicle fleet

If a staff recommendation is approved, the fleet of vehicles operated by the City of Hamilton could be going green very soon. Staff are recommending the purchase of 89 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV’s) over the next three years and the necessary charging infrastructure. The electric vehicles would add $2.5 Million to the normal replacement cost of internal combustion vehicles a premium of approximately 62 percent at today’s prices. 49 charging stations would be purchased for $600,000 , but half of that would be rebated under an existing federal government program.

According to the report these recommendations would result in a nearly 18 percent reduction in the city fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions. The staff report says, “the first phase is to target light-duty vehicles. The development and implementation of the BEV strategy is a critical component of transitioning the City of Hamilton to a low-carbon city and its journey to meeting aggressive targets by 2050.”

A snapshot of the City of |Hamilton vehicle fleet

The plan calls for the installation of five charging stations in 2022, five more in 2023, and a dozen in 2024. Justifying the additional cost in going electric the report concludes, “Implementation of BEV’s offer the largest impact in reducing GHG’s than any other option that is currently available in the automotive market. The City can realize a reduction of 335 tonnes of GHG’s annually by replacing the 89 SUV’s, Compact Vans and Half Ton Pick Up Trucks that are scheduled for replacement with a fully electric option over the next 3 years.”

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  • It’s a good move but since Ontario shut down our hydro coal plants we have seen NO Sm og.You continue to hide the actual carbon number.(what is it?) and only report what percentage your cutting.Other step to hide the true facts?aCANADA has a carbon footprint of only 1.6% that’s enough.STOP SYING GAMES AND REPORT THE RE NUMBERS.

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