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Hamilton plans to capitalize on its manufacturing strengths

Hamilton is still a manufacturing city, and that is a good thing according to a KPMG report commissioned by the Hamilton Economic Development Department. The report urges the city to double down on efforts to coordinate the promotion of Hamilton as a manufacturing centre. Part of that effort will see Hamilton more visible at major international industry events.

Other recommendations in the report include:

  • Promotion of Hamilton’s position as a multi-modal hub with its proximity to the US border as well as its road, rail, marine and Air transportation assets. Hamilton is the only city in the region with easy access to all of the transportation modes. The report stresses the value of the Port of Hamilton and Hamilton International Airport as key supports for the manufacturing sector.
  • Agri-food is becoming on of Hamilton’s fastest-growing manufacturing sectors, with multiple food processing operations. The report recommends an agri-food value chain analysis to see what further opportunities exist.
  • Decarbonization will be an opportunity for local industry with the announcement of ArceloprMittal Dofasco’s plans to phase out coal and the development of a hydrogen strategy for Hamilton.
  • Encourage the sharing of technology across sector through partnerships and collaboration.
  • More political visibility by hosting a Queen’s Park Day with key provincial officials to raise awareness of Hamilton’s manufacturing capabilities.

The report notes the challenges that exist in attracting younger workers into manufacturing as the existing workforce ages. The new workforce will require skills in technology as industry continues to automate processes.

Advantages that continue to make Hamilton’s manufacturing future bright include:

•              Existing Manufacturing Presence; Support industries are already located here as are industry clusters

•              Academic Institutions; Both McMaster and Mohawk offer programs supporting the next generation of manufacturing expertise and new technology research.

•              Collaborative Environment;

•              Strategic Location; and,

•              High Quality of Life.

The information report says the strategy is going to be implemented over the next three years.

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