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Hamilton hospitals under stress as COVID hospitalization spike

Hamilton hospitals under stress as COVID hospitalization spike

Hamilton saw a spike in COVID hospitalizations, which coupled with 285 hospital staff self-isolating or sick is placing a significant stress on hospital facilities in Hamilton. ICU cases declined by two from Friday to six. Outbreaks are easing with 27 reported Monday, a decrease of six from Friday. Halton hospitalization dropped from 49 to 30 over the weekend. There was one death reported in Halton as well, Testing limitations result in new cases being undercounted, but Hamilton was reported with 68 new cases and Halton 30.

With not all hospitals in Ontario reporting COVID statistics on weekends, the province reported 1410 hospitalizations and 187 ICU cases. There were 17 additional deaths reported bringing the total to 12,842 since the beginning of the pandemic. 13,492 tests were conducted for a positivity rate of 14.7 percent. Nearly 17,000 vaccinations were administered. Dur to limited testing, new case counts are understated, nut provincial figures show the province had 2,243 new cases—more than 1,800 cases lower than a week earlier. The province also showed Hamilton with 97 new cases and Halton 51.

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