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Hamilton Community Foundation opens COVID emergency fund

Hamilton Community Foundation opens COVID emergency fund

The Hamilton Community Foundation is accepting applications for the first two streams of emergency funding from organizations serving vulnerable populations during this time of crisis. This grant program will remain open throughout the length of the pandemic. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and granting decisions will be made as quickly as possible. Applications for the third (Recovery/Rebuilding) stream will be accepted at a date to be determined.

HCF noted that need in the community is great and it is expected that the demands on this fund will surpass resources. Not all applications will be funded, despite their merit. HCF will work to prioritize needs to maximize the impact of this fund on the community.

Noted Hamilton Community Foundation CEO Terry Cooke, “In the two weeks since our Board made a $2M commitment from our reserves to create a Pandemic Response Fund, we have had over $800K in additional contributions from business and individual contributions. (We are) so grateful for the generosity of our amazing  community.”

The three funding streams are as follows:

Stream One – Meeting Basic Needs (Short-term)

To date, HCF has provided emergency funding to 16 organizations to immediately address critical needs for vulnerable populations.  HCF invites applications for funding to provide basic needs related to food security, shelter, hygiene, and others.

Stream Two – Stabilization (Short- to medium-term)

This funding is to support charities working on the frontlines delivering critical services to vulnerable populations affected by quarantine, closures, shortages, access to services, loss of income, or affected by other economic factors. It is designed to maintain or expand local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak as efficiently as possible within the context of supporting gaps not covered by municipal, provincial or federal relief funding.

Stream Three – Recovery/Rebuilding (Medium- to long-term)

Recovery from this crisis will extend for months beyond the immediate phase. This funding will enable the Foundation to continue to be flexible and responsive to the evolving needs arising from the pandemic, with the goal of strengthening Hamilton’s long-term resiliency. Details on applying to this stream will be posted on the when they become available.

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