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Halton Police Chief is in Florida

Halton Police Chief is in Florida

There is a controversy brewing in Halton with news that Halton Police Chief Steve Tanner is in Florida, reportedly to attend to a property matter. The matter came to light after a member of Halton Police fraud unit, Det. Const Mike Tidball died suddenly while on an investigation on Wednesday. Clayton Gillis, president of the Halton Police Association said he only learned of Chief Tanner’s whereabouts when he reached out to him to discuss the officer’s death.  

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton who also Chairs the Halton Police Board says Chief Tanner advised him of the trip whose purpose was to attend to a property matter and in a tweet stated, “Chief Tanner informed me in advance of his travel to tend to a property matter. I had no problem. Chief Tanner continues to have my full confidence…”

“We want to give him the opportunity to provide that answer to people,” Gillis told Global News.

“Obviously, our members are concerned if it was a choice made for just the sake of a vacation given all the public scrutiny we’ve had with other public officials and whatnot.”

Tanners trip to Florida comes on the heels of a spate of revelations of high-profile individuals whose trips out of the county cam to light after Christmas. It started when Former Finance Minister Rod Philips was found to have travelled to St. Barts for a holiday. That trip cost him his post in the Doug Ford Cabinet. There were several members of the Alberta legislature whose vacation trips were revealed last week. Then yesterday came new that the head of St Joseph’s Health System had been removed from his post after admitting he had vacationed at a home he owned in the Dominical Republic. All these trips came as the COVID-19 situation in Ontario continues to worsen. Premier Doug Ford told reporters Friday that tougher measures may be necessary. He said new modelling information will be released next wek, but warned the scenario is “scary.”

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