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Halton Police Chief calls out Jagmeet Singh

Halton Police Chief calls out Jagmeet Singh

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made nationwide headlines when he said he believes last week’s incident at Rideau Hall — in which a Canadian Armed Forces member allegedly breached the grounds while carrying several firearms — would have ended differently if the suspect had been a person of colour.

Corey Hurren, 46, was charged with 22 criminal charges on Friday, a day after he allegedly drove a truck onto the official residence grounds and set out on foot toward the prime minister’s home.

Singh, speaking to reporters on Parliament Hill, said that incident, contrasted with others in recent weeks when police in Canada killed Indigenous people and people of colour during visits to check on their welfare, “reminds us all of how systemic racism is real.”

Today Halton Region Police Chief Steve Tanner tweeted a reply.

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