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Half-million dollar donation supports local pandemic relief efforts

Half-million dollar donation supports local pandemic relief efforts

Local philanthropists, the  Paletta family of Burlington, have announced a donation of $500,000 to support pandemic relief efforts, split equally between Hamilton and Burlington.

This major donation to Hamilton Community Foundation’s Pandemic Response Fund will support charities in Hamilton and Burlington to address the needs of vulnerable people and families including those experiencing homelessness and poverty, isolated seniors, people with disabilities and other marginalized communities. It is the largest donation yet to the fund, and will also support agencies to adapt their services or operations as needed, as a result of COVID19.

“Though each of us is affected by the current crisis, the impact is far greater on some citizens than on others. We wanted to make a difference for those who are already in difficult circumstances,” says family spokesperson Paul Paletta. “We feel blessed to be able to help in this unprecedented situation.”

In Burlington, the Paletta family’s donation will support Burlington Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund which prioritizes food security, medical assistance, mental health and safe housing.

Beyond its extensive commercial activities, inspired by Pat’s example, the family has a long and significant history of community engagement and philanthropy that dates back decades. It includes support to the Art Gallery of Burlington, Tansley Woods Community Centre, the Carpenter Hospice, Hamilton General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital and, notably, their recent $5 million Pasquale and Anita Paletta Family Match Challenge at the Joseph Brant Hospital.

“It’s a challenging time for everyone but it’s also heartening to see people contributing in their unique ways,” says Paul Paletta. “We encourage everyone to step up in whatever way they can because we can only get through this pandemic together.”

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