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Grimsby will be added to Hamilton East-Stoney Creek under redistribution

Grimsby will be added to Hamilton East-Stoney Creek under redistribution

The biggest effect in the proposed electoral boundary redistribution announced by Electoral Boundary Commission will be seen in the riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. The new riding would be named Hamilton East-Stoney Creek-Grimsby Lakeshore and would take in most of the current town of Grimsby below the escarpment. To accommodate the change, the riding’s westerly boundary would move east from Ottawa Street to Kenilworth.

The renamed Hamilton East-Stoney Creek-Grimsby Lakeshore riding would take in all of downtown Grimsby


The current Burlington riding would be renamed Burlington-Lakeshore and would lose the portion between Appleby and Burloak to a renamed Oakville Lakeshore riding.

The process

The Constitution of Canada requires that federal electoral districts be reviewed after each 10-year census to reflect changes and movements in Canada’s population. The current federal redistribution process is led by independent commissions working separately in each province to establish electoral boundaries. The Chief Electoral Officer is tasked with applying the representation formula found in the Constitution to determine the new allocation of seats.

On June 23, 2022 , Parliament amended the Representation Formula, which determines the number of Members of Parliament (MPs) to be assigned to each province. The new legislation ensures that every province retains, as a minimum, the same number of MPs that it had assigned during the 43rd Parliament elected in 2019.

Canadas parliament will increase from 338 seats to 342. Toronto will lose one seat to the surrounding GTA where population growth has been more rapid than Toronto.

The public has until September 25, 2022 to comment on the changes. Submissions can be made virtually or my mail, 

Anyone wishing to participate must register .

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