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Grant will increase rapid mental health crisis response by Halton Police-St Joes

Grant will increase rapid mental health crisis response by Halton Police-St Joes

The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has been awarded funding to expand its Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Teams through the Ministry of the Solicitor General’s (the Ministry) Mobile Crisis Response Teams Enhancement Grant.

The HRPS is among 28 Police Services that have received grant funding through the Ministry to increase their existing capacity to respond to mental health crisis calls.

Through this funding, the HRPS is able to expand its Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) complement from two teams, composed of a police officer and a non-police mental health crisis worker from St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, to three teams through to the end of March 2023.

The HRPS has had two MCRRT teams working daily, seven days a week, in partnership with St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton since 2016. MCRRT members are trained to defuse or de-escalate crisis situations, to advocate for those in crisis, and to ensure mental health assessments are completed where they are needed most.

Halton MCRRT teams respond to over a thousand complex, mental health crisis related calls a year. The additional capacity created through this funding means that more members of the community will get the care they need.

Commented St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton COAST Program Manager Satar Wahidi. “The expansion can help improve service provision, response time and quality of emergency mental health to residents of the Halton region. With now three teams on the road, our ability to respond in all portions of a very large Halton region is improved.”

To learn more about the Halton Regional Police support for the mental health of Halton residents, visit

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