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Go train doors to close for one minute before departure

If you are one of those commuters who get to the GO train platform at the last second you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

GO train doors, starting Monday, will close a minute before scheduled departure times.

The provincial agency says the move is to ensure trains leave and arrive at stations on time.

In a tweet, Metrolinx said it has been telling commuters about the change since Jan. 2.

“Customers are being informed through PA, digital sign messaging, OTG (On the GO) alerts and CSA (customer service ambassador) on-board train announcements.”

Metrolinx says GO buses and the UP Express will not be affected by the move.

The agency said it would monitor customer feedback on the move.

Some of the comments on the Toronto Star website suggest there is already some skepticism about the change in policy:

  • Wouldn’t it be smarter to change the schedule to be more realistic, over making things constantly a minute off?
  • Years ago, a 5:25 train closed it doors at the end of the minute, 5:25:59. One day it started closing at the beginning of the the minute. Us runners adjusted 🙂
  • What a great way to help people stop using their cars!!!! So the train is going to sit still for 60 seconds while people bang on the doors? Typical BS from bureaucracy. And the CEO of Metrolinx makes how much??? EDITED
  • Puzzled by this decision. If the train is scheduled to depart at 8 pm, then close the doors 5 seconds before departure with the customary warning announcement and bell. I was a commuter for many years and while you try to be a little early to the platform, sometimes stuff happens and you are forced to make the mad dash up or down the stairs to catch a train. Nothing would be more maddening than to get there on time and have to stand there, doors closed, for a minute and then watch the train depart. Metrolinx, please use common sense, think about your passengers, and rescind this proposed policy.
  • so now the people will be running to the door one minute earlier??? wow that’s a real fix.

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