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Gas from waste will help Hamilton reach net zero targets

Gas from waste will help Hamilton reach net zero targets

Staff are recommending a better use of the gases produced at the Woodward Waste Water Treatment Plant from sewage sludge and the Glanbrook Landfill from garbage. Currently methane from both locations generates electricity which is sold into the power grid. Staff are recommending the gas itself be treated and sold to a third party. The electricity contracts are for 20 years and are coming to an end.

Staff are recommending the city invest approximately $5 Million to produce what is termed Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). It is estimated the RNG produced would bring in $2.7 Million a year at an annual operating cost of $1.1 Million a year, meaning the payback on the capital investment would be approximately three years.

The electricity generators at Woodward were installed in 2005 and those at Glanbrook in 2007. Staff say this new use of the methane will help the city reach its carbon reduction targets and also help with the city’s transition to natural gas buses.

The report says, RNG has been growing in terms of acceptance, value and use along with companies looking to purchase the fuel. ”RNG will also become a key part of the City’s transit Pathway to Net Zero, as there are additional compressed natural gas (CNG) buses being purchased in the next three years. These buses are typically used for twelve  years before retiring them as an asset. This suggests the City will be using CNG for at least fifteen  years and the need for RNG will play an important role as a fuel source option to mitigate emissions,” the report concludes.

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