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G-7 Agriculture Ministers commit to helping Ukraine ship its grain to countries who depend on it

G-7 Agriculture Ministers commit to helping Ukraine ship its grain to countries who depend on it

The G-7 agriculture ministers meeting in Stuttgart this weekend condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine saying it is exacerbating an already critical food shortage in parts of the world, In a communique the ministers wrote, “we are greatly troubled by the expected serious consequences for global food security and nutrition caused by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Its impact on Ukraine’s internationally significant agricultural sector places global food security and nutrition under severe strain, and further intensifies worldwide humanitarian needs for which President Putin and his accomplices bear the full responsibility. The war has intensified pressure on global food systems, which are already facing the increasing impacts of climate change, environmental degradation, other conflicts and the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a further rise in hunger and all forms of malnutrition. This severe situation is being exacerbated by export restrictions. We note with great concern the severe effects that the recent high in prices for agricultural commodities, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, is having on the economic situation, especially of vulnerable people, and hence on access to healthy diets, in particular in developing countries.”

G7 Agriculture Ministers in Stuttgart, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau fourth from left

“Furthermore, energy and freight prices are increasing production costs all along the food chain. Supply disruptions and high prices for fertilisers and other inputs, reducing their affordability and therefore use, with the likely resulting decline in harvests in many countries, will put additional pressure on global food security and nutrition. Increased risks of animal diseases resulting from the war are also placing additional strain on farmers.”

“We commit to help ensure the food supply to the Ukrainian people and support Ukrainian farmers in gaining access to essential inputs including fuel, fertilisers, feed and seeds, and in producing sufficient, safe and nutritious food. We will also assist Ukraine in resuming their agricultural exports. “

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