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Former Director of Engineering winds up five days of testimony as Red Hill Inquiry goes into recess

Former Director of Engineering winds up five days of testimony as Red Hill Inquiry goes into recess

The Red Hill Inquiry will be off for two weeks as testimony and cross examination of Hamilton’s former Director of Engineering, Gary Moore wound up Thursday. In the Thursday morning session Eli Lederman, representing the City of Hamilton, questioned Moore asking again why no immediate action was taken on the Tradewind report commissioned by Golder and Associates that pointed to low friction numbers on the Red Hill. Moore responded that the report he received from Golder, while recommending further testing and possible remedial measures, did not stress those recommendations as urgent.

The Tradewind report in 2014 wrote, “The overall low levels and the variability of friction values along the length of the Parkway indicate the need for a further examination of the pavement surface, composition and wear performance. It should be noted that, in addition to the overall low average Grip Number levels on this facility, there are some localized sections with quite low friction values, reaching 27-30 in several areas. We recommend that a more detailed investigation be conducted and possible remedial action be considered to enhance the surface texture and friction characteristics of the Red Hill Valley Parkway, based on the friction measurements recorded in the current survey.”

Citing Tradewind’s friction report, Golder, in its report to the city wrote, “it is recommended that a single layer of microsurfacing be applied. By carrying out the mill and overlay where required and applying microsurfacing, the issue of relatively low FN on the RHVP would also be addressed.”

It was this language that Moore testified lacked any immediate sense of urgency.

Moore had previously testified that the friction testing results did not provide him with any basis of comparison to determine if the numbers represented a problem and that he had repeatedly asked his Golder contact, Dr, Ludomir Uzarowski to provide him with some context. He said it was on the basis of the lack of information to the contrary that he deemed the Golder and Tradewind reports as “inconclusive.”

The hearings will resume on August 10th. On August 9, lawyers for the city will be in court arguing against the release of certain documents that the city has refused to turn over to the inquiry, citing privilege.

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  • It’s concerning enough that council and staff were allowed to review the report before being released to the public. Being a local election year will we see more delays to quash any concerns.

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