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Ford warns Caledonia protestors their actions will not be tolerated

Tensions are rising in Caledonia after a judge granted permanent status to interim injunction to have Six Nations protestors stop their blockade of the Mackenzie Meadows housing site in Caledonia. A bus was tipped over, blocking highway 6, and a hydro pole was set on fire, knocking out power to a number of homes. Today there were reports of a backhoe being used to rip up a roadway. Police cars were damaged and OPP confirmed they used rubber bullets at one point in the disturbance.

At a news conference today Premier Doug ford seemed to be suggesting that stronger enforcement measures were coming. “I’ve talked to the Chief there and I’m going to be very blunt—I’m not going to tolerate violence.  I don’t know if a few folks are going rogue, but the way you get things settled is by sitting around the table talking about solutions. You don’t go after our police, you don’t start burning telephone poles, you don’t start digging up roads—that’s unacceptable, and we won.t tolerate it.”

Ford said he sympathizes with the people who have bought homes in the subdivision.

Judge John Harper  said the courts must recognize the history of abuses against Indigenous people, but grievances in Canada must be dealt with “respectfully,” in good faith and by following the courts’ orders. “That has not been done in this case,” Harper said. The judge heard representations from Foxgate Developments who argued  they have proof that they are lawfully in possession of the property. Lawyer Woody McKaig for Haldimand County argued the injunction had to be made permanent or else these types of blockades would continue to happen.

Lawyers for Ontario and the federal government were listening in on Zoom but did not participate.

Premier Ford said “we will do whatever it takes to have peaceful dialogue—not violent dialogue—peaceful dialogue. We’ve got to take care of the bad apples—they’re causing problems.”

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  • These hooligans are vandals creating mischief…..throw them in jail, and demonstrate there is only one rule of law, and it applies to all residents of Ontario.
    Enforce the law.

  • The Six Nations only have 5% of the land granted to them by the British Crown back in the day for fighting with the British during the American Revolution. Many first nation’s people gave their lives in fighting on the side of the British against the War mongers from the US during the war of 1812. What thanks have we given them. I know we took away their land and inflicted genocide deeming them as sub humans.

    The Grand Council fire under the Great Law of Peace went out as there was no agreement among the Five Nations. In the ensuing centuries, the white man has continue to violent the two row wampum.

    The Six Nations always had thei own traditional government which the federal government says it recognizes however in reality they dont deal with them. They only deal with Elected Band Council which is the remnants of the Indian agent regime.

    Rule of law, right! The treaties that were agreed upon are the RULE OF LAW, not what real estate developers and their minions want due to outright greed.

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