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Home News Ford Rips Hamilton for adding public health workers and asking province to pay

Ford Rips Hamilton for adding public health workers and asking province to pay

Premier Doug Ford was not amused when asked by CHCH reporter Randy Rath what he thought about Hamilton going out on a limb and hiring 92 new public health staffers in hopes that the province will reimburse the city for the $2 Million needed to get through this year, and another possible $4 Million for next year.

Earlier today during the debate about the hiring Councillor Brad Clark unsuccessfully tried to make the move contingent on confirming the province would pay, but Mayor Fred Eisenberger said he was confident the money would be forthcoming.

Ford, at his daily news conference took a hard line on learning of Hamilton’s decision, saying,

“It’s no way to operate. I’m glad they’re getting public health (workers) but…to the folks in the 440 municipalities, and to the folks in Hamilton–you can’t hire a whole bunch of people and then turn to someone else to pay for it. It doesn’t work that way in the private sector and it doesn’t work that way in the public sector.

Just imagine if every jurisdiction went out and did what Hamilton just did…It’s like us going out and buying stuff and looking at the feds to pay for it.

You gotta work with us…you know our phones are on. The mayor knows my number. Call me Mayor, before you go out and spend a few million dollars and turn to the province to pay for it. I think everybody should have a good public health team but come on…you can’t spend other people’s money.”

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