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Ford rips Essex farmers

Ford rips Essex farmers

In answer to a reporter’s question Premier Doug Ford laid the blame for Windsor-Essex being held back from Stage two COVID reopening squarely at the feet of area farmers. “Come on, farmers you have to cooperate,” implored Ford. Without going into detail Ford was strongly suggesting the farm operators were resisting efforts to test their migrant workers. “We will bend over backwards to work with you,” Ford said, but you have to cooperate with us.”

Yesterday in Windsor-Essex, local health authorities said this week that more than 350 farm workers in that region have tested positive for the disease. The region reported 32 new cases yesterday at a time when the majority of Public Health Units were reporting less than 5 new cases. Also concerning in Windsor-Essex is the fact that almost three quarters of the Windsor-Essex COVID cases are under 60 years of age.

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