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Ford personally delivers 90,000 masks

Ford personally delivers 90,000 masks

Ontario Premier Doug Ford personally drove his pickup truck to a warehouse on Sunday afternoon in order to pick up 90,000 masks that a company had donated to the province.

Dental Brands, which is a company located in Markham, texted the premier to say they were donating 90,000 masks to hospitals in Ontario. After Ford received this text, he immediately drove to their warehouse—without telling his staff—so that he could store it in a more accessible location in Toronto.

The Premier’s Press Secretary Ivana Yelich said that Ford “received a text from someone from Dental Brands, who had 90,000 surgical masks on hand that they wanted to donate.”

“The premier immediately called him back almost right away—asking them where they are located and that he can pick them up right now,” she added.

This was not a photo op. Ford didn’t tell any of his staff due to the fact it was a Sunday, only reaching out to his health advisors to clarify the location of the warehouse.

“It didn’t take the premier long,” said Yelich. “They had everything ready for him when he got there, and a bunch of their staff helped him haul it into the back of his truck.”

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