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Ford on easing lockdown, guns

Ford on easing lockdown, guns

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says Ontario will get through the COVID-19 pandemic a lot sooner than the province thought if health protocols continue to be followed. The premier made the comment at a news conference on Saturday afternoon alongside the health minister and the minister of natural resources and forestry. “We’re seeing a gradual downward slope in the public domain and the lower we get the more we can open up and get back to … the new normal,” Ford told reporters.

“I don’t know the exact time … but if we keep going the way we’re going, we’re going to get out of this a lot sooner than we thought we might be able to get out a couple months ago.”The premier unveiled a three-phase plan on Monday to reopen the province following weeks of shutdown.

At the same news conference the Premier seemed to  be differing from the Trudeau’ governments’ ban on assault weapons announced yesterday. He said the real problem is the stream of illegal handguns that are crossing the border every day into the hands of gang-bangers. “Lets throw away the key with these criminals instead of taking legal guns away from people,”  he said.

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