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Flap over Justin Trudeau’s Viral Hair Flip

Flap over Justin Trudeau’s Viral Hair Flip

The news aggregation site Narcity posted a video of Prime minister Trudeau holding a news conference last weekend

The Prime Minister gave an update on Saturday, April 18 and said that the border between the U.S. and Canada would remain closed for another 30 days.

But wrote the blog, “it was difficult to focus on his every word. It was so incredibly windy, and his hair has grown so long during the pandemic, it created the perfect storm. His hair whipped around so much that he had to push it back and the results have since gone viral.Without breaking eye contact with the camera, he ran his hands through his hair. The result was an inexplicably seductive hair flip that no one had anticipated. Jason Hanson, a surfer from Ottawa, saw an opportunity to create a masterpiece. He made a video where he slowed down the hair flip, added a bit of sultry music, and put it on Facebook. The video was uploaded to Facebook and it went viral — it has 2.5 million views as of writing.

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