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First steps in GO electrification announced

First steps in GO electrification announced

It is very early days, but the Ontario government is taking the first steps towards expanding and electrifying the GO train system. The Ontario government has awarded a contract to add over 200 kilometres of new track and electrify over 600 kilometres of track. A new electric train fleet will also be introduced that could reach speeds of 140 kilometres per hour between stations.

Lines overlaid in yellow will be electrified

Metrolinx and the winning proponent, ONxpress Transportation Partners, will enter a 24-month development phase to work  on design, early investigations, schedule optimization and key initial construction work. This will ultimately include the delivery of overhead electrification infrastructure, a new electric train fleet, upgraded train control systems, and expanded tracks and structures along the corridors to allow for potentially significantly higher frequencies than pre-pandemic service. The project will also include the operations and maintenance of the GO rail network.

Construction is expected to start in 2023 with incremental opportunities to add service starting in approximately 2025/26.

The province is also moving ahead with the remainder of GO Rail Expansion’s Early Works as well as Off-Corridor Works projects, which include building new corridor infrastructure and improving and expanding existing infrastructure and stations.

When the expansion is complete GO says itl will become one of the busiest railways in North America with over 200 million annual riders by 2055 – allowing seamless access to new subways, LRTs and municipal transit systems.

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