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Feds still optimistic about vaccine shipments

Feds still optimistic about vaccine shipments

Despite all the recent vaccine deliver and safety issues, in his update today Maj. Gen Dany Fortin addressed the overall vaccine delivery issue saying he remained optimistic that more than 20 Million doses of vaccine will be delivered to Canadian provinces by the end of June.

So far the government has distributed over 12.5 million doses of vaccines to provinces and territories.

Earlier this week, Canada received 1 million doses of Pfizer- BioNTech. And all of that has been sent to the provinces. A steady flow of 1 million doses is still expected to be delivered on a weekly basis until end of May. And for June, Pfizer- BioNTech has confirmed upcoming deliveries of nearly 2 million doses weekly for a total expected of over 17 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech this quarter.

Moderna delays

Fortin also addresses the issue of the Moderna vaccine which has missed several shipping deadlines. Fortin said that earlier this week, 855,000 doses of Moderna arrived in Canada. Distribution to provinces and territories are underway and expected to be completed today. He said there is another shipment of around 1.2 million doses expected by the end of the month. Moderna is promising that in May Canada will receive 2.8 million doses over two shipments. Moderna says it has been having quality control issues that have hampered the rollout of their delivereies.

Among those 80 years of age or over, 84% have received their first dose and 12% have received their second. Among those 70 to 79 years of age, 69% have received their first dose and three percent their second.

Yesterday Health Canada reaffirmed its support for the AstraZeneca vaccine, saying the blood clotting issue occurs in a tiny fraction of cases and that the benefits of vaccination outweigh any risks. Ontario was counting on AstraZeneca for use in its distribution chain through the province’s pharmacies.

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