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Federal aid applications start tomorrow

Federal aid applications start tomorrow

Some highlights from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Sunday press conference:

People who lost their job or have been laid off can go to starting Monday and sign up for federal aid. Those opting for direct deposit will get their first payment within three to five days. Those who chose to have it mailed to them should get it within 10 days.

Military reservists can enlist to be full time members of the Canadian Forces to help with relief efforts.

Canada will still receive temporary foreign workers for farm labour, but they’ll have to stay in quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival. That said, in light of the economic crisis associated with the pandemic, some temporary workers may also be replaced by students looking for work.

There is a “global shortage” of safety equipment, Canada working with international suppliers but looking to produce all N95 masks and other goods domestically “within a few weeks.”

Trudeau hasn’t spoken with American President Donald Trump since N95 mask controversy but is “working with Trump administration … to engage constructively” so goods flow both ways across the border.

“My job is to work with the Americans, with our allies to serve Canadians” Trudeau says, when asked about Trump’s aggressive tactics during the crisis.

Regarding 3M N95 masks: “There are essential medical supplies that Canada delivers to the United States and there are essential medical supplies that America ships to the United States.”

Will Trudeau ban Canadian nurses and doctors from working in the United States in retaliation to Trump’s threats? “I’m not going to engage in hypotheticals… it is not productive to hurt our neighbours.”

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