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Fall Fair season kicks off with Binbrook Fair

Fall Fair season kicks off with Binbrook Fair

It was ride ‘em cowboy at the Binbrook Fall Fair on the weekend as some of the best riders tested their skills and endurance against the pick of the crop of broncos.

The rodeo came to town and folks turned in large numbers to watch the show.

The cowboy attempts to ride the bucking Bronc for eight seconds, holding onto only a thick reign attached to the horse’s halter. He can only use one hand to work the reign and to help keep him on the saddle as he spurs the horse and tries to time his movements with the bronc’s bucking in order to score high points.

A cowboy tries to rein in a bucking bronco
Fun feeding the curious llamas

The traditional hotdogs, popcorn and candy floss were featured, but the culinary highlight was the full roast beef dinner offered by the ladies of the Binbrook Women’s Institute for 19 bucks.

There were cow-milking demonstrations and a demolition derby on Friday night.

Sunday’s highlight was the Baby Show, where dumplings up to the age of one year old were judged on categories like ‘chubbiest cheeks’ and ‘curliest hair’.

Not many baby shows remain on the fall fair circuit. Changing values have led some to deem it unfair to the babes who don’t get a prize.

But in farming communities like Binbrook, it’s still a big hit.

The circuit is just getting into full gear. Here’s a list of some area fall fairs coming up:

Ancaster – Sept. 22-25

Milton – Sept. 23-25

Caledonia – Sept. 29-Oct. 2

Norfolk County (in Simcoe) – Oct. 4-10

Rockton World’s Fair – Oct. 7-10

Story and Photos By DENIS GIBBONS

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