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Extra pay for front line COVID workers

Extra pay for front line COVID workers

The Ford government announced a new “pandemic payment” of an extra $4 per hour for essential front line workers, nurses, PSW’s…plus a $200 bonus for those who work over 100 hours a month.  It means an extra $3,560 over next four months for those who work 40 hours a week. 

Irresponsible, reckless selfish.” Were the words used by a visibly angry Premier Ford calling protesters gathered outside Queens Park who want government to ease restrictions “bunch of yahoos.” There’s no one else who want to open up the economy more than I do he says but will do it responsibly .”

Ontario reports there were 476 new #covid19 cases overnight, that’s up 3.5% which is the lowest case increase since April 13

Total cases:13,995


Deaths:811 – up 48

Total tests:217,618 – up 10,578

Under investigation:8,171

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