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Everyone who wants a test can get one: Ford

Everyone who wants a test can get one: Ford

Earlier in the pandemic Ontario’s problematic COVID testing program was hampered by a lack of supplies. Now it appears testing is down because not enough people are showing up for a test. In a Queens Park announcement Sunday morning,              Ontario Premier Doug Ford made an urgent plea for people to get tested for COVID-19 if they wanted to.

Ford said the only way to reach testing capacity in the province is for people to get tested, and said asymptomatic people will not be turned away at assessment centres during a televised address on Sunday.

The new directive for asymptomatic people to get tested is a marked change from earlier guidelines that said only people displaying symptoms are able to be tested. “If you feel you need a test, you’ll be able to get a test said Ford…and bring the family along to get tested too…”

Ford said the province will also unveil a new testing strategy that will focus on specific sectors next week.

The premier warned that a negative test doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is in the clear, and said people should get tested again if they start to display symptoms.

To find out where to get tested in Hamilton

In Halton Please call 905-203-7963 and listen to the information until you are prompted to press 1 to make an appointment.

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