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Esther Pauls wants to know the costs of firing city employees

Esther Pauls wants to know the costs of firing city employees

Ward Seven councillor Esther Pauls is issuing a notice of motion requesting staff to estimate the costs of firing the nearly 500 city employees who have not complied with the city’s COVID vaccine mandates. Public Health had proposed dropping the mandate but the motion was defeated on a tie vote.

The motion calls for “an estimate or range of all potential costs including, but not limited to the hiring and training of new employees, all estimated legal costs associated with any grievance hearings, arbitration rulings, reinstatement orders including lost wages, and/or any subsequent wrongful dismissal claims associated with the potential termination of approximately 500 employees who may be in non-compliance with the City of Hamilton Vaccination Policy.”

When the tie vote was taking place Councillor Pauls made an emotional plea to have the mandate paused.

Staff, in presenting the proposal to drop the mandate warned that because the province had dropped the mandate, it would be difficult for the city to defend any wrongful dismissal lawsuits that may ensue.

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