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End of an era at Stelco as last blast furnace demolished

End of an era at Stelco as last blast furnace demolished

Stelco’s last blast furnace was imploded Wednesday. The controlled explosion marked the symbolic end to the company’s Hamilton primary steelmaking furnaces, a decade after it had been shut down. Stelco has transferred all of its iron and steelmaking to the Nanticoke Plant, while maintaining finishing facilities in Hamilton. Earlier this year Stelco announced the sale of *00 acres of its bayfront land to the developer Slate for $518 million.

Today’s explosion which was clearly heard as far as the south mountain was described as a “planned “event but some neighbours complained there were unaware that the event was going to take place, The blast created a significant dust cloud which drew notice and criticism from Environment Hamilton. Still the demolitions is a necessary step in getting the surplus lands ready for what will be remediation and eventual development as a cleaner industrial park.

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