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Empowering kids through music.

Empowering kids through music.

The Hamilton Music Collective through its An Instrument for Every Child program, has been removing barriers to music for students who live in poverty; by encouraging children to participate, awarding grants to cover all program expenses and by providing each participant with his/her own instrument free of charge for the duration of the program. AIFEC’s goals are empowerment and accessibility and to enable all children to experience the joy and benefits of playing music, regardless of their socio-economic position.

Each year the program caps off its season with a concert featuring the young musicians. This year because of COVID the concert had to be virtual. Here are a few highlights:

The Hamilton Music Collective was founded in 2008 by a local group of musicians, educators and community supporters, who are passionate about music and believe in its transformative power to enrich lives and empower students. HMC’s mission is to invigorate the music scene in Hamilton through professional live performances, education, events, workshops and exhibits.

The Hamilton Music Collective believes that ALL children should have opportunities to be exposed to music and to learn to play an instrument.

Educational research shows that:

Children who study the arts demonstrate stronger overall academic performance. Education is a top public policy priority and the role of the arts in learning is of great interest to parents, educators, legislators, civic leaders and business owners.

Arts programs improve students’ self-confidence and build communication and problem-solving skills in children and teens. This experience prepares young people to be the resourceful and creative problem solvers, who employers seek for today’s work force.

The Arts help to develop the kinds of innovative minds and creative skills required by the entertainment, advertising, design, technical, scientific and other industries that enable businesses to compete successfully in the 21st century workplace.

To donate to the Hamilton Music Collective click here.

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