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Employers: Help shape Hamilton’s workforce strategy–take the survey

The EmployerOne survey is now live.  The survey is a partnership between Workforce Planning Hamilton (WPH) and the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office.  features important workforce development questions, and focuses on the challenges businesses have endured throughout the global pandemic. Hamilton employers across all industries have the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns to arguably the most important workforce survey in the city each year.  Please follow the link to learn more:

The  EmployerOne survey for 2022-2023 will be the 10th year doing this survey. The EmployerOne Survey, will be sent out in January to employers across Hamilton to gather the valuable data from this Business Impact Survey. This survey includes workforce development questions from the EmployerOne survey but also focused on the impact businesses have endured through the global pandemic.  Hamilton employers across all industries are asked about their hiring experiences on the most in-demand jobs in Hamilton and highlight recruitment, retention, and skills concerns.  This survey provides a snapshot of how local employers are fairing in the January 2023 labour market.

In the case of the 2022 survey, 1085 employers completed the EmployerOne survey; 896 employers completed the survey fully (100%).

EmployerOne has become foundational in local labour market research. While census information offers us a deep understanding of labour market trends, EmployerOne offers the up-to-the-minute snapshot of where Hamilton’s labour market is at. It also keeps us in touch with a wide range of employers of all sectors and sizes.

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