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It is election season and that means election sign squabbling. Tensions may be rising in Burlington’s Ward One election. Both candidates for city council are unhappy with the sign campaign.

Robert Radway, who is the challenger, has pointed out that some of incumbent Councillor Kelvin Galbraith’s election signs were placed illegally. At the same time Galbraith has complained that some of his signs have been stolen.

In a tweet this week, Galbraith reported that at least 15 of his signs have gone missing from Plains and Waterdown Roads.

A sign on a public boulevard

Radway points to Galbraith’s signs on King Road, north of Plains, that are on the public boulevard, something that is not permitted. Signs must be on private property. Earlier this month Galbraith’s signs also appeared on the public boulevard on Plains Road, but they were later corrected.

“I think an experienced Councillor like Kelvin should ensure his sign team understands the rules”, commented Radway.

In Hamilton, election signs cannot be posted until September 26–next Monday.

By Rick Craven

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