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Home News Drinking water crisis at Delta apartment building

Drinking water crisis at Delta apartment building

Mayor Andrea Horwath is tweeting her concerns about an apartment complex on Main Street East being without running water since Wednesday. The water pipes were exposed to the severe cold last week and froze. Residents have been forced to use bottled water for cooking, washing and flushing the toilet. The complex is located  at 1083 Main Street East at the Delta, where the Delta Theatre and a bank branch used to be located. In the 1980’s the building was converted to apartments. The tenants are also under an eviction notice as the owner has announced plans to renovate the units. Tenants have been offered hotel lodgings but some are refusing to leave fearing they will not be allowed back into the units.

The Mayor tweeted, I’m very disturbed by the situation at 1083 Main St. E. and have asked City staff to do everything possible to ensure people have access to water which is a necessity of life and a basic human right. This is something I’ve advocated for many years. I will keep the residents and community updated as we look to put interim and more permanent solutions in place.

The tweet attracted some blowback directed at the mayor and the Ward councillor Nann.

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  • i work with a person that has a black mold problem in their apartment for going on four years now. they showed us the pictures of a small problem four years ago and what steps they were taking to get the problem solved. four years later the mold is taken over a large part of her living space. problem is she cant move. there are literally NO rental spaces in Hamilton they can afford. the landlord has neglected this building with the sole purpose of forcing out the tenants and raising rents or converting to condos. my co-worker is getting no where over the course of four years. everyone tells her to move but where?

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