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Don Graves Mystery Review: Every City is Every Other City.

Don Graves Mystery Review: Every City is Every Other City.

A Private-eye with a twist. Gordon Stewart’s other career is indeed like every city becoming every other city. He’s a location scout for a film company Which is his main career is occasionally questioned.

Author, McFetridge is an award winning writer of mysteries and moves to a new slant with this novel. Finding dead bodies that later turn up alive, police cautious about flipping a missing person into a corpse, and seeking out the perfect cheap location that looks a million-dollar city serves to keep the reader turning pages.

Dialogue fuels the pace. Locations that vary the pilot with unique eateries leading to overnight two-bit ‘residences’ that generate rewarding solutions.

Covid has not been a helpful partner to writer and publisher. ECW stands out in their support of their writers. McFetridge provides an energy forward look at the mystery genres and wins. Call your bookstore and arrange a pick-up. You won’t regret it.

Every City is Every Other City. By; John McFetridge.

Publisher:   ECW Press.

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