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Dofasco Green Steel plans get an airing on Bill Kelly Show

Earlier this week, a plan by ArcelorMittal Dofasco to transition away from the use of coal and coke got its first airing in front of Hamilton City Council. Representatives of the steelmaker and Enbridge appeared to advise council that the switchover to natural gas in steelmaking will require the construction of a 12-inch gas pipeline specifically to serve the steel plant. Enbridge is proposing a line running from Rymal Road down Centennial parkway, westerly along Barton Street to Kenilworth and north on Kenilworth to the steel plant. Enbridge officials said the preferred route follows city streets where other utilities are now located and presents the least complicated option from a construction standpoint.

The project will eventually require the granting of an easement by the City, and while some councillors expressed concerns about the expansion of natural gas facilities, no one around the table expressed outright opposition to the plan.  The move to greener steel was the topic of conversation on the Bill Kelly Show with Bay Observer publisher John Best.


  • I believe that the city should be concerned with this future gas line to get to the steel mill.I might be wrong HSB (Slater Steel) had a electric arc fce operation with a gas line already in place.HSB is now gone.A gas line should be there.I cant see having to run a gas line from Rymal Rd. Down to the steel company.Hugh cost of tax payers money.

  • Why go to Rymal if a gas line is present at the shut down HSB Inc. On Sherman.Less disruptions,reduced cost.HSB Inc. ran a 80 ton fce operation with gas to heat ladles,run burners in the side of the fce to heat cold spots.

  • I can not believe how stupid people are. There is no such thing as GREEN STEEL . The production of steel from smelting from a blast furnace with coke from coke ovens these two operations have by-products, one is gas. These gases are used thought out the plant. Know we see Dofasco wants to pipe natural gas through the city just to keep there mils hot in the process of steel making. The government has given this company 800 million dollars of Canadian tax payers money to retrofit there operation with no guaranties. When the coke ovens and blast furnace is eliminated the jobs are gone. Remember these steel industries have made billions YES billions . This company is located everywhere. It is sad to see this government is trying to buy votes but yet good paying jobs are at risk. Remember Dofasco employees 5,400 employees and this doesn’t have contractors that maintain operations. It is like people are drinking the cool-aid or listening to lies just to make targets of our future Environment. The biggest problem we have here in Canada is that we have too many politicians and public workers and not enough private sector workers. We are blindsided , we are going down a dark path, The Justine Trudeau full of lies. This country could have been a wealthy country ,supplying other countries with natural gas but yet the German and Japanese government request a supply but got shut down . We have a double standard here in Canada . It’s ok for Dofasco to get natural gas but yet we tell others no way. This country is full of pallets of intelligent people but are dumb founded when it come to intelligence. I am not educated but every time the government involves in something it loses money. Poor Canadians fit the bill. We have a shameful leader .

    Covering another topic tent city Hamilton and other cities do not see the whole picture. These cities should bus all the tent resident to Niagara Falls and let the hotels book them a room . This is what Quebec is doing to Ontario. What a stupid idea our liberal government has created. And they told Niagara city mayor to keep it under your hat. Well he got SCAMMED and the Ontario residents and Canadian tax payers fit the bill. We have an unaccountable society. We have no laws and this Country is becoming a dysfunctional Country. It is becoming a needy society . Throw out the term freedom 55 .

    Sad days to come.

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