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Planning approvals for a new industrial building in Aldershot have been delayed.

At the latest Committee of Adjustment meeting, it was revealed that Quantum Realty has withdrawn its application for minor variances required for its proposed new industrial building at King Forest Court, just north of the North Service Road near King Road.

The withdrawal, probably temporary, was in response to a staff report rejecting the proposed minor variances. It is now expected that Quantum will meet again with staff, adjust the plan, and eventually


Quantum is hoping to construct a 43,000 square foot, two-storey building that Realty Director Shaun Harcus describes as “as class A building. It’s not just going to be a box that looks like every other box “.

Harcus’ enthusiasm however is not currently shared by City staff who, in a report to the Committee, described the proposed building as “over development”.

Among the ten variances originally proposed, 6 were not supported by staff including one for the two-storey building height. Only one storey is currently permitted.

“The intent is to ensure that development will not rise above the existing natural heritage features and other lands in close vicinity. Bayview Park is located directly to the north of the property while the Niagara Escarpment is located approximately 1.3 km north of the property. Staff are not satisfied that the requested minor variance will not have a negative impact on the surrounding visual character/landscape”.

Another series of variances were related to the large size of the building and also failed to gain staff support.

“The proposed increase to site coverage would not be in keeping with the surrounding area”.

The Staff report concluded that “the requested minor variances to the City of Burlington Zoning By-law 2020 shall not be deemed minor. In the opinion of staff the requested variances may result in negative impacts to the site and surrounding uses”.

Riser Canada Growing

The proposed new building on King Forest Court will eventually be constructed to accommodate the growing business of Riser Canada. It currently leases space in another Quantum building on Yorkton Court.

Riser is considered a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment for the food industry. Its Burlington staff is ultimately expected to grow from about 60 people to 80.

“They’re expansion has been remarkable. They are bursting at the seams.  …   The good news story is that Reiser needs a place and we’re keeping them in the area ,“commented Quantum’s Harcus.

Quantum, which is familiar to Aldershot residents as Mercedes Benz, currently owns six properties in the area of the North Service Road and King Road. The company has big plans for growth over the next few years, boasting that it expects eventually to host 1,000 employees in several auto related businesses.

By Rick Craven

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