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Crossing Burlington streets gets safer

The City of Burlington is converting ‘wait for the gap’ crossings along Brant Street to pedestrian crossovers to be ready for Thursday, Aug. 27, weather permitting.

The City of Burlington will be installing its first pedestrian crossovers at:

•             Brant and Pine Street

•             Brant and Elgin Street

•             Brant and Maria Street

In addition to the three locations along Brant Street, crossovers will also be installed at the Centennial Pathway road crossings in 2020. These locations include:

•             Smith Avenue

•             Seneca Avenue

•             Delaware Avenue

•             Cumberland Avenue

•             Woodview Road

•             Elwood Road

•             Longmoor Drive – 2 locations

•             Belvenia Road

New legislation was introduced in January 2016 by the Province of Ontario that gives pedestrians the right of way at road crossings. The new rules are in Part 10, section 140 of the Highway Traffic Act.

Pedestrian crossovers, marked by signs and pavement markings, are a new way for pedestrians to easily and safely cross the road. By law, drivers and cyclists must stop and yield the whole roadway at pedestrian crossovers. Only when pedestrians have crossed and are safely on the sidewalk can drivers and cyclists proceed.

Crossovers are different than crosswalks. Crosswalks are most often located at an intersection with traffic signals, pedestrian signals or stop signs. Crossovers are a designated pedestrian crossing in the roadway, usually not at an intersection.

The new crossovers in Burlington will share key elements, such as:

•             signage saying “Stop for Pedestrians”

•             ladder style pavement markings in the crossover area

•             triangle yield lines (i.e. shark’s teeth) on each approach, indicating where drivers need to stop

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