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COVID hospitalization take a large jump from Tuesday

COVID hospitalization take a large jump from Tuesday

COVID hospitalizations in Ontario jumped by 176 cases to 1662, but ICU cases declined by three to 203 in the latest reporting. There were nearly 22,000 tests conducted for a positivity rate of 16.8 which is the lowest since the beginning of April. Case counts are understated due to testing limitations but The latest case count sits at 1073 compared to case counts last week of more than 4500, arrived at under similar conditions. There were 28 deaths reported, which is the highest single day count since February .More than 40,000 vaccinations were conducted—the highest daily count sine the province introduced fourth doses for those over 60 years of age.

Tuesday was the first day local health units reported figures since last Thursday. Hamilton reported 745 new cases in the five-day period, averaging 149 cases a day. Hamilton COVID hospitalizations were sharply up by 33 cases to 123, but ICU cases declined by one to nine. There were no deaths reported since April 13. Due to technical issues Halton did not report case figures, but hospitalizations had increased by one to 25. There were no deaths in Halton over the holiday weekend

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