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Cool reception awaits Halton Police Chief Tanner as he returns to Canada from controversial trip to Florida

Cool reception awaits Halton Police Chief Tanner as he returns to Canada from controversial trip to Florida

Halton Police Chief Steve Tanner is on his way back to Canada  from Florida this weekend, but he faces  anger from among the rank and file of the Halton Police Service over his decision to go to Florida to attend to personal business. Chief Tanner  tried to diffuse the situation by offer this full apology for his actions.

In late December I travelled to Florida to address some personal business matters. This was done with the knowledge and support of the Halton Police Board Chair.

My decision to travel in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation was a poor decision and one that I deeply regret. I am returning to the country this weekend and will be complying with the requirements to quarantine upon my arrival in Canada.

What weighs on me the most is the fact that I am not there to support my 1,000 members as we grieve the loss of one of our own. I have extended my deepest apologies to every members of the Service. My absence is a distraction from their healing and has taken the focus away from what is most important at this time.

I sincerely apologize for my decision to travel out of the country.

As Tanner mentioned the trip came at  the same time as a member of the Halton Police Service, Detective Constable Michael Tiball suffered a medical emergency while on the job and died.

Halton Regional Police Association President Clay Gillis said “The members are not happy about (Tanner’s absence) and they would expect him to provide a reasonable and justified answer. There is animosity and anger to the point where people expect me to demand that he resign.”

Meanwhile members of the Service posted this picture with the Tweet:

We gathered this afternoon for a flag-lowering ceremony to honour our friend and colleague, Detective Constable Michael Tidball. We want to thank the community and our partners in policing for their overwhelming support over the past 24 hours. We are stronger together.

Last night members of the Peel Police Service staged a drive-by in honour of Const. Tidball.

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  • Actions speak louder then words. This gentleman did his action and now figures his apology his empty words fixesthings.

    Who is the chair of the police board in Halton? As per the article, the Chief says that person gave their blessing. Here in Hamton, the mayor is the chair so one could assume a politician is involved.

    The ruling class , echo the words fo as I say, not as I do.

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