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The Bay Observer has been providing a fresh perspective in news and opinion since 2008 for discriminating readers in Hamilton and Burlington. Our readers tell us they appreciate our reporting and in-depth coverage. We try to go behind the story, always looking for the “why” when possible. Our seasoned reporters and commentators bring decades of journalism experience to the Bay Observer. People like nationally-syndicated broadcaster, Roy Green, Alex Reynolds—one of the most respected entertainment reviewers in the GTAH, Kathy Renwald who brings an eclectic mix of sharp-eye commentary while also  pursuing her passion for automotive journalism, and Ben Guyatt’s irreverent take on the news of the day. Editor/publisher John Best possesses  an extensive background in broadcast journalism and newsroom management   Our advertisers tell us they appreciate the bright, attractive,  uncluttered environment we provide, knowing that their messages will get right into the household as the publication is delivered by Canada Post. We are proud of our record in providing quality coverage to our loyal readers and plan to continue to serve the Bay Area for a long time.

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