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Consultant was “frustrated” advice to improve Red Hill friction not implemented

Consultant was “frustrated” advice to improve Red Hill friction not implemented

As testimony continued in the Red Hill Inquiry, another witness from Golder Associates testified that there were relatively simple solutions available to address friction issues on the Red Hill Parkway but they were rejected by the city. Dr. Vimy Henderson of Golder who was an associate with Dr. Ludomir Uzarowski testified that Uzarowski complained that his suggestions for remediating poor friction on the highway were not being implemented. Yesterday Dr. Uzarowski testified that he suggested a friction-improving technique called shot blasting and had even obtained quotes from contractors; but when he presented the option to Gary Moore of the Works Department Moore said he wasn’t interested, according to Uzarowski. Dr. Henderson echoed yesterday’s testimony that not employing the relatively low-cost friction improvement processes recommended by Dr. Uzarowski would result in more rapid deterioration of the road.

Concerned about potential liability

Dr. Henderson said Golder had a risk committee that assessed the potential risk from a liability standpoint and that Golder had submitted a proposal to perform a re-paving process (hot in-place paving) for the Red Hill to the committee for evaluation. Yesterday Dr Uzarowski said he submitted some of the changes to Golder reports requested by the city to the company’s legal department to determine if there was any legal liability to Golder.

Tradewind next on stand

Scheduled for Thursday’s session will be Rowan Taylor of Tradewind Scientific, the company that produced the friction report whose discovery resulted in the calling of the inquiry. The friction testing was done in 2013 for Golder and found lower levels of friction on the Red Hill portion of the road system compared to the LINC. It was this report that was not shared with council but was also not seen by members of the city Roads Department until years later.

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