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Coming to a city near you: electric buses

No less than three federal MPs, Two Provincial MPs and Oakville Mayor Rob Burton were on hand this morning to celebrate $66 Million in transit  funding that will feature the conversion of the Oakville transit fleet to emissions-free electric buses. Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, was on hand to announce the electric bus funding along with 13 other projects designed to modernize the Oakville Transit system.

Projects include the replacement of 57 diesel buses over the next six years with zero-emission battery-electric buses, plus 16 new electric buses to expand the fleet. In addition, 32 charging stations will be installed to support battery charging for the electric buses. These investments will lower Oakville Transit’s operation and maintenance costs, and reduce the fleet’s impact on the environment.

Infrastructure Minister McKenna with Oakville Mayor Rob Burton

Several projects will modernize the transit experience for users. Wi-Fi will be installed on 107 conventional and 20 para-transit buses so riders can easily connect to the Internet from their mobile devices. Users will be able to track their bus location and arrival times with a new Internet and smart phone application, while a new real-time trip management mobile app will also be available for para-transit users. All of these improvements will make the system more reliable and convenient for riders.

In addition, approximately 249 bus stops in Oakville will be upgraded to ensure full accessibility for riders, with landing pads, walkways, ramps, and curbs. These upgrades will improve safety and comfort for all transit users.

Edmonton just announced a rollout of electric buses for its transit fleet.

The cost share on the project breaks down as follows: Canada, $26.5 million; Ontario is contributing more than $22.1 million, while the Town of Oakville is contributing over $17.6 million for a total of $66,2 Million. This would be same the cost formula that would take place in Hamilton if it were to opt for LRT with the city being expected to contribute roughly 27 percent of the cost.

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