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City asks residents to cut back on water usage

City asks residents to cut back on water usage

The City of Hamilton is asking residents to limit their outdoor water usage in all parts of Hamilton until Monday, July 13. Residents are asked to voluntarily avoid non-essential outdoor water use, such as watering lawns, using sprinklers, or filling large pools, etc.

At this time, the restriction is a precautionary measure to protect the water supply in Hamilton. Residents in all parts of the city, including those in Stoney Creek, Dundas, Ancaster, Waterdown and parts of Flamborough and Glanbrook are asked to voluntarily participate in the restrictions.

Residents wishing to, can still hand-water their flowers and vegetable gardens, or water newly installed sod as needed.

The temporary outdoor water restriction is resulting from construction at the Woodward Water Treatment Plant, which is temporarily limiting the plant’s capacity for treating water. This construction project was scheduled to be complete before the hot weather brought increased demand on the water supply. However, delays to the project require this precautionary step to ensure the water supply in Hamilton is not interrupted.

Where possible, the City will reduce its own irrigation activities in flower islands, sports fields and golf courses. However, due to the heat, municipal spray pads will continue to operate.

Residents with private wells and those living in Carlisle, Freelton, Greensville and Lynden on the local municipal well systems are not impacted by this restriction. The City of Hamilton thanks residents for their cooperation in limiting all non-essential outdoor water use until next Monday

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