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Chaos in the White House as Press Secretary tests positive

There a sense of chaos around the White House as the President’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany says she has tested positive for COVID. She joins a growing list of Trump insiders who have tested positive following at least three events in the past week where the Trump team flouted COVIF 19 protocols. First there was the September 26 Rose Garden gathering where Trump introduced his Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Virtually no one at that celebration was masked. Then there was last Tuesday’s debate with Joe Biden, where Trump’s family and team occupied the front rows of the audience, non wearing masks. The Trump and entourage boarded  a plane to attend a campaign rally in Minnesota Wednesday, followed by another event in New Jersey Thursday.

Meanwhile Trump’s attempts to appear to be in good health and in command while at Walter Reed Hospital have only served to heighten speculation about how serious is his condition. It started when his personal physician lied to reporters about whether Trump had been on oxygen at the hospital. He had. Later sharp-eyed reporters said a photo op of Trump signing documents appeared to be staged as the paper he was signing was blank. Trump seemed pale and somewhat weak in a video he made assuring Americans he was doing well. Reported notice an edit in the video that they speculated might have covered up a cough. Then Trump staged a car ride outside the hospital, which is being criticized for exposing members of the Secret Service to the virus in an air-tight limo.

Trump’s doctors’ statements about how well the President is doing are at odds with the kind of treatment he is receiving. Mr. Trump had a “high fever” on Friday, and his blood oxygen levels dropped on two occasions, his doctors said, including to a level that can indicate that a patient’s lungs are compromised, a symptom seen in many patients with severe Covid-19. His doctors on Saturday said he is also undergoing a five-day antiviral treatment regimen for Covid-19, another indication that his condition is more serious than what has been conveyed to the public. The president’s medical team also said that he had been prescribed dexamethasone, a steroid used to head off an immune system overreaction that kills many Covid-19 patients. This is also generally reserved for those with severe illness.

With experts saying that the president’s treatment suggests his condition may be severe, the number of new daily cases reported across the United States is slowly rising.

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