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CBCs Wendy Mesley suspended, apologizes over inappropriate language

CBC News host Wendy Mesley says she’s sorry and “deeply ashamed” after using “a word that should never be used” during an editorial discussion about current issues regarding race.“The Weekly with Wendy Mesley” host took to her Twitter account to post about the incident, which now has her off the air while the CBC investigates.

Mesley’s statement did not identify the word but said it “was not aimed at anyone.”

“In the context of an editorial discussion about current issues regarding race, I used a word that should never be used,” she says. “It was not aimed at anyone, I was quoting a journalist we were intending to interview on a panel discussion about coverage of racial inequality.”

Mesley added she was “careless” with her language “and wrong to say it,” and she immediately apologized to her co-workers.

In an emailed statement, a spokesman for the public broadcaster said “senior management within CBC News were made aware of an incident” involving Mesley last Thursday. Chuck Thompson, head of public affairs at CBC English Services, added that Mesley will not be hosting her Sunday morning program while they investigate further.

“I immediately apologised to my co-workers, and recognize this is a word that no-one like me should ever use. I made a big mistake and promise to change my behaviour.”

“The Weekly with Wendy Mesley” airs on CBC and CBC News Network from Toronto. It provides critical analysis of big news stories.

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  • I am for free speech in Canada! She shouldn’t be suspended, especially, that she apologized right away. I strongly disagree with action taken by CBC. Wendy is one of the best and well -respected journalist in Canada and I wish her a great success!

    • free speech? When someone says something hurtful and dehumanising to you, I hope you just accept thier right to free speech as well.

      • She was quoting another journalist. It was not aimed at anyone. Please refer to the article above and other articles on this subject.

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