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Canadian Mystery Review: A Perfect Storm by Mike Martin

Canadian Mystery Review: A Perfect Storm by Mike Martin

A Perfect Storm, the 9th novel in this Newfoundland based crime series. Not so much a mystery and not quite a perfect storm but  a strong and entertaining story featuring Sgt. Windflower, his wife, the Mayor of Grandbank, a scene-stealing daughter, Windflower’s RCMP crew and several serious crimes.

On the trail you get a story where the central theme is the rising destruction caused by opioids handled by local thugs, out of province motorcycle gang heads and foreign influence. The agenda is simple: sell the drugs, murder anyone in the way, and turning Crown evidence to have your life protected. If that’s not enough, add the ongoing, growing story of the Windflower family, at home, in the kitchen and at the office.

Author, Mike Martin writes an infectious tale sprinkled with mouth-watering Newfie food, and supporting characters who have grown into stalwart sub-plots on their own.

The pace moves at a clip that keeps you turning pages. One short bit lags a bit near the end saved by the 2 year old Amelia Louise, a star in the wings waiting none too patiently.

If you like your crime story wrapped into the lives of those who work to prevent criminal success, then you’ll find A Perfect Storm hard to put down and hope for a 10th one to come.

Don Graves. Canadian Mystery reviews.

A Perfect Storm by Mike Martin Ottawa Press and Publishing. $19.95

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