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Canada performs well in pandemic control

Canada performs well in pandemic control

Strong global public health measures have slowed COVID-19 growth in many countries around the world. . The rate of growth in Canada has slowed to the point where the number of cases is doubling every 16 days. That’s down from every 3 days

Hot spots for COVID-19 growth differ across the country. In Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia, much of it is in long-term care facilities. Growth is also occurring in Toronto homeless shelters; prisons and jails in BC, Quebec and Ontario; and work settings in Alberta and BC.

Growth of coronavirus has levelled off in several provinces, with the national figure being largely driven by transmissions in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. At the other end of the scale, there are no cases in Nunavut, and no community transmissions in PEI, NWT or Yukon.

Canada’s national coronavirus modelling forecast shows that  as of Monday morning, the median age for an infected person is 52, with a gender breakdown of 55% female and 45% male. Percentage of cases requiring hospitalization is 17.1%, with 5.5% of cases resulting in death.

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