Sunday , 29 January 2023
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Canada acts on China’s crackdown on Hong Kong

Canada is instituting measures to treat Hong Kong in the same manner as China, in the wake of a new security law imposed on Hong Kong by China that seems aimed at quelling dissent.

“After studying the legislation and its impact, Canada will treat exports of sensitive goods to Hong Kong in the same way as those destined for mainland China,” Trudeau said, adding that the government will also not permit the export of sensitive military items to the region.

“We are also suspending the Canada-Hong Kong extradition treaty, and updating our travel advisory for Hong Kong,” Trudeau said.

Protesters have marched in the streets of Hong Kong to oppose the legislation, which many believe could quash oppositional political activity and civil society in Hong Kong — effectively crushing the one country, two systems agreement. “Canada is a firm believer in the one country, two system framework. We will continue to support the many connections between Canada and Hong Kong, while also standing up for its people,” Trudeau said.

“In the days and weeks to come, we’re also looking at additional measures including around immigration,” Trudeau said. The hint comes one month after U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared in an op-ed that his country would be willing to open the door to almost three million Hong Kong citizens. Trudeau was criticized last week for not taking a harder line with China over the detention of the two Michaels. The measures today may signal a change in the federal government’s approach towards China.

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